17 Ways to Save Money This Fall

17 Ways to Save Money This Fall

My favorite time of year is officially here – fall! Time to break out the sweaters and jeans. I love the crisp air and changing fall colors in the Midwest. It brings back childhood memories of going back to school and carving pumpkins.

The change in seasons is a good time to take care of some planning, decluttering, and to-do list items. Why not save some money while you’re at it?! Here’s a list of some good ways to save a little money this fall.

1. Fall festivals are lots of fun and a great way to spend a day outside. There’s usually fun activities, games, seasonal food and drinks, and many often have free music and entertainment.

2. Visit a thrift store to add to your fall wardrobe.  No need to buy new clothes when you can find some great secondhand buys.

3. Buy bulk produce from a grocery or local farmer’s market to can or freeze for later. There are lots of online resources out there that can help you learn how to do this.

4. Plan and/or prep meals for the week instead of eating out. Fall is a great time to break out the crock pot to make soup or chili. Freeze the leftovers for a quick meal later!

5. Plan a weekend hike at a local park. You’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and changing leaves while getting in some great physical activity.

6. Halloween costumes can be so expensive, so try making them this year instead. There are lots of great ideas online to help spark some creative ideas. Check out some local thrift shops or yard sales if you’re going for a vintage look or swap costumes from your closet with friends or neighbors.

7. Decorating your home can help get you into the fall spirit. Decorate some pumpkins for the porch or make a fall themed door wreath. If you’re not the creative type, check out a local thrift or discount store, like TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby.

8. Fix leaky sinks and faucets. If you have a water bill each month, a dripping sink or running toilet can really add to that. I have changed out the insides of a toilet myself, and if I can do it, so can anyone else!

9. Do some decluttering around the house and have a yard sale to get rid of things you no longer want or need. Sell some summer clothes you don’t want anymore and use the money to buy some fall clothes.

10. Visit a local orchard to get some apples or get some pumpkins from a local farm. Some of the orchards and farms I have visited also have petting zoos, corn mazes, kid-friendly activities, and seasonal food and drinks. You can make a day of it and enjoy the fall weather.

11. Instead of going on an expensive fall break trip, go for a camping trip instead. This can save lots of money on hotel bills and is a budget-friendly fun way to enjoy nature in the fall.

12. On a nice fall day, go for a picnic in a local park instead of going out to eat. You can enjoy the changing leaves by going for a walk afterwards.

13. Seal and drafty windows and doors. Stopping drafts now will keep from throwing money away on your energy bill in the coming colder months. Visit a local home or hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot for some supplies.

14. Check out local retail summer clearance sales for some possible money-saving birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family. I like to buy gifts throughout the year when I see a budget-friendly, thoughtful buy.  It saves on money and gift-buying stress at Christmas time!

15. Hold off as long as possible on turning your heat on! Crisp fall mornings can get chilly, but it’s nothing that an extra blanket on the bed or hoody can’t solve. I love sitting on the couch under a blanket in the evenings, and the cooler temperatures make for great sleeping conditions.

16. Review your monthly expenses and see if there’s anything you can save money on.  Getting rid of unneeded subscriptions, switching cable or cell phone providers, and shopping around for car insurance and great ways to save a few dollars. If there are discretionary areas where you can cut spending, set a monthly budget target.

17. Plan your holiday shopping budget now!  Starting now and setting money aside each week will help to ensure you aren’t crunched for money during the holidays.

I’ve used many of these ideas in the fall. What are some other ideas that you’ve done that could be added to the list?

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