Welcome to My First Blog Post!

Welcome to My First Blog Post

I am very excited to finally be starting my own blog!  This is something I’ve thought about for a while now. I’ve decided to finally make the plunge!

When thinking about what’s important to me, what I enjoy, and what I get asked about most, a central theme emerged … living a financially independent life in a healthy way!

I grew up in a rural area in the Midwest where we had to be frugal with what little money we had.  Although my parents were never able to save much money, I decided from a young age that I wanted to make smart money choices to live a more financially balanced life.

I bought my first car as a teenager, bought my first house in my early twenties, paid off my student loans, and became a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  I haven’t always had a significant salary, but I’ve been investing money for over half my life and I plan on being a multi-millionaire when I retire.

I will be sharing helpful information on budgeting, saving, investing, ways to earn extra income, and similar topics.

When not working on the blog, you can find me working as a Business Analyst, lifting weights, rock climbing, watching movies, eating cake, and spending time with family, friends, and my two adorable ragdoll cats, Bella and Sophie.

Join me to start living a better life!

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